Monday, October 17, 2011

Blood Donation Camp

Today we conducted a blood donation camp at "Mahindra resports- Hotel Flora " where I had given a presentation on Thalassemia about a week ago and too my utter surprise we had a total donation of 29 units which was almost the double we had expected. The staff members and even the security guard came forward and donated blood for these kids. Hetal and Pooja like always were on the upfront talking to the donors and making them feel comfortable as most of the donors were first time donors.These young chaps working at the hotel were so excited about the camp that now they have promised to hold such camp every 6 months and donate blood. We are really hopeful that more and more small groups like this will come forward for donation and very soon we will make Udaipur a voluntary blood bank where no one needs to replace blood in case of any need. but it is not possible till we all especially Udaipurians come forward and take an oath of donating blood at least once a year if not in six months.