Friday, July 22, 2011

Thalassemia Awareness Programme

From today we have started a new campaign of going to the colleges and making students aware about Thalassemia and motivating them to donate blood for the cause.
We started this from today and visited Homeopathic college and Physiotherapy college in dabok and I gave presentation to the students for 1 hour each and answered to all their queries. The main purpose is to educate the students about this disease. The start was good and we hope to go to many more colleges in the coming 2-3 months and do the same. We had a feeling that it is the youth which is going to change everything , the only thing is we need to motivate them and guide them.

Once we did the presentation many students approached us to donate blood and we decided to keep a blood donation camp for them on July 27th 2011. This is actually what we expected .