Thursday, May 5, 2011


Dear friends ,
The whole world on 8th of May will celebrate " WORLD THALASSEMIA DAY" and our foundation which is working with Thalassemic babies past 2 years will be celebrating it with the kids suffering from this dreadful disese. These kids cannot survive if they are not transfused with blood every 20-25 days and because of so much transfusion their kidneys ,liver and heart gets affected and they ultimately die by the age of 13-14 years unless they are properly taken care of. On this day our foundation is conducting a blood donation camp at Lake city hospital, Fatehpura ,Udaipur from 9 AM to 1 PM with the help of Saral Blood bank and then we are organizing a picnic for these small children by the Courtesy of Lal Bagh ,Sardarpura from 2-6 PM where we would try to make the kids forget their pain and just enjoy.

May I request all of you to help these kids by donating blood for these kids and may be giving them small gifts which they will remember for ever.....

You can contact me on 9828142100 or Mr Hetal on 9829042999

" God has given us beautiful life, kids and family now its our turn to help those who didnt get this ..... please its my request that come forward and help these kids..... just a smile on their face will change ur lives "