Monday, April 16, 2012

Blood Donation Camp

Today we had a blood donation camp in association with young energetic chaps from the group CYCLOTANE. A unique and a good concept by them towards green world. The group came forward and donated blood for thalassemics.There were 20 donations and the team has come forward to help these children in any form they can. I as the managing trustee welcome all the team of CYCLOTANE to our family and hope that as the family grows we will be able to do more for these unfortunate children and their families.I heartily thank all the team members of CYCLOTANE for their nobel thoughts.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Blood Donation Camp

Today we conducted a blood donation camp at "Mahindra resports- Hotel Flora " where I had given a presentation on Thalassemia about a week ago and too my utter surprise we had a total donation of 29 units which was almost the double we had expected. The staff members and even the security guard came forward and donated blood for these kids. Hetal and Pooja like always were on the upfront talking to the donors and making them feel comfortable as most of the donors were first time donors.These young chaps working at the hotel were so excited about the camp that now they have promised to hold such camp every 6 months and donate blood. We are really hopeful that more and more small groups like this will come forward for donation and very soon we will make Udaipur a voluntary blood bank where no one needs to replace blood in case of any need. but it is not possible till we all especially Udaipurians come forward and take an oath of donating blood at least once a year if not in six months.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blood Donation Camp

Yesterday we conducted a massive blood donation camp at Janardhan Rai Rajasthan Vidhyapeeth University Dabok campus and to our utmost surprise there was a massive turnout of the students for blood donation. We expected about 50 students to come forward but there were 132 of them and majority of girls but unfortunately many of them were refused as their haemoglobin levels were low. The students were not only from BPT college but also from Homeopathic college , BEd college and to my surprise two students who just completed 18 years and are studying in 12th Std of a near by school came forward and donated blood. I too donated blood in memory of Late Archit Verdia. I am Thankful to my team Hetal Amin,Pooja, Manoj and the entire faculty at University who came forward for the Nobel cause of Thalassemia and donated blood and motivated others to do the same. In the end we had 72 donations.
Thanks to all of you who came forward and also to those who didn't come forward but then they motivated others to do so..............

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thalassemia Awareness Programme

From today we have started a new campaign of going to the colleges and making students aware about Thalassemia and motivating them to donate blood for the cause.
We started this from today and visited Homeopathic college and Physiotherapy college in dabok and I gave presentation to the students for 1 hour each and answered to all their queries. The main purpose is to educate the students about this disease. The start was good and we hope to go to many more colleges in the coming 2-3 months and do the same. We had a feeling that it is the youth which is going to change everything , the only thing is we need to motivate them and guide them.

Once we did the presentation many students approached us to donate blood and we decided to keep a blood donation camp for them on July 27th 2011. This is actually what we expected .

Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Thalassemia committee

On July 12th we organized the first meeting of the newly formed committee at Lal Bagh Hotel where all the members of the team were introduced to each other. I gave a presentation of our foundation to the doctors and showed them on PPP of what we are doing. Mr. Hitesh from Novartis presented to the doctors about their Smile programme. This new committee is headed by Dr Suresh Goyal (HOD – Government hospital- Dept. of Paediatrics) and me as the Secretary. The team includes 4 doctors from Paediatric dept., 3 from Pathology dept. and 4 people from our foundation; we also included 3 families of the sufferers. The main purpose of this committee will be to work together in government set up for taking proper care of the Thalassemic babies. The committee was very much determined to work for the welfare of these young sufferers.
The members decided to meet once every month and discuss the problems faced by the patients and sort them out.
It was also decided that the newly constructed ward will be handed over to the foundation for running it as Thalassemia ward. We discussed a lot of points to start with and it was really good to see that the foundation received permission to put in banners in the ward for the benefit of the patients. It was also decided to plan blood donation camps with the help of Government doctors.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hemato Oncology Camp

Today we conducted a camp under the banner of our foundation and LakeCity Hospital where Dr Chirag Shah - Renowned Hemato Oncologist from Apollo Hospital - Ahemdabad and his Assistant Dr. Munjal examined 37 patients suffering from various hematological diseases and gave them advice. It was further decided that every month they would visit to Udaipur and give their services to the patients. Hemato Onchological diseases are diseases related to blood which uasually are cancerous and earlier there was no treatment available but thanks to the invented medicines and these specialist doctors by which now more then 90 % of the diseases can be cured and controlled.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thalassemia Camp

Today we conducted a camp for our Thalassemia babies and screened them for HIV , Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C virus. In all we screened 25 babies and also did their general health checkups and guided the parents for proper care. We also provided them with the concession forms of railways and roadways so that they can awail this facility. It was only for one unlucy girl child of 7 yrs who tested positive for HIV. In the end we provided medicines to the parents. Thanks to 2 parents who understands the financial problems and donated money for the poor and needy patients. We also had a meeting with them and wrote down their problems they were facing and tried to show them the way out. The next meeting is scheduled on July 10th when all these children would be further screened by a Hemato oncologist from Ahemdabad.