Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Recent Developments in the Project

I am really sorry that I couldn't update in time due to a hectic schedule but past 2 months we had been working hard on the project and finally came up with some good results

1. One of the biggest organization "Thallasemics India" finally accepted us as a part of them and now with their help our foundation can get the latest updates and also will be able to attend all the conferences and seminars both in India and abroad. Medicines and other equipments needed for Thallasemic babies can be acquired from them at subsidized rates.

2. One of the most ultramodern blood bank in Udaipur has now approached us for tie up with them and so fresh blood will available to the kids at subsidized cost and without any replacement.

3. One of the laboratory in udaipur has tied up with us to provide all the tests for Thallassemic babies at 50% cost.

4. In the recent meetings with parents both of our team members Pooja and Kriti discussed with the parents about the food habits in Thallassemic babies and Iron overload respectively and to my utter surprise now the team members are developing so fast that they were able to answer most of the queries of the patients themselves without me and one feels really good when the team is so devoted for the cause.