Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Thalassemia committee

On July 12th we organized the first meeting of the newly formed committee at Lal Bagh Hotel where all the members of the team were introduced to each other. I gave a presentation of our foundation to the doctors and showed them on PPP of what we are doing. Mr. Hitesh from Novartis presented to the doctors about their Smile programme. This new committee is headed by Dr Suresh Goyal (HOD – Government hospital- Dept. of Paediatrics) and me as the Secretary. The team includes 4 doctors from Paediatric dept., 3 from Pathology dept. and 4 people from our foundation; we also included 3 families of the sufferers. The main purpose of this committee will be to work together in government set up for taking proper care of the Thalassemic babies. The committee was very much determined to work for the welfare of these young sufferers.
The members decided to meet once every month and discuss the problems faced by the patients and sort them out.
It was also decided that the newly constructed ward will be handed over to the foundation for running it as Thalassemia ward. We discussed a lot of points to start with and it was really good to see that the foundation received permission to put in banners in the ward for the benefit of the patients. It was also decided to plan blood donation camps with the help of Government doctors.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hemato Oncology Camp

Today we conducted a camp under the banner of our foundation and LakeCity Hospital where Dr Chirag Shah - Renowned Hemato Oncologist from Apollo Hospital - Ahemdabad and his Assistant Dr. Munjal examined 37 patients suffering from various hematological diseases and gave them advice. It was further decided that every month they would visit to Udaipur and give their services to the patients. Hemato Onchological diseases are diseases related to blood which uasually are cancerous and earlier there was no treatment available but thanks to the invented medicines and these specialist doctors by which now more then 90 % of the diseases can be cured and controlled.